WRoCAH funded Collaborative Doctoral Award with Corps Security: Military Service, Philanthropy and Security in Modern Britain: The Corps of Commissionaires, 1859 - 1973

Project Summary

This project focuses on the history of the Corps of Commissionaires – a voluntary association which provided employment for former military service personnel. Through this case study, the project opens up new perspectives on major developments in the social, cultural and military history of modern Britain, from the mid-nineteenth to the late-twentieth century. It also involves work on the private archive of Corps Security – the direct descendent of the Commissionaires – which will enhance access to the organisation’s history and help Corps Security develop an enriched appreciation of its own history and heritage.

For full details, please see the project proforma.

Entry requirements

Strong applicants will have a good first degree in an appropriate subject, as well as a Master’s degree and professional experience relevant to the scope of the project (or experience of belonging to a collaborative team). Please note that all applicants should meet the AHRC’s academic criteria and residency requirements. Please see links in the 'How to apply' section below.

Additional staff contact

For more information about the project, please email Dr David Churchill or call 0113 343 7115.

For more information on the application process, please email our admissions team or call 0113 343 5009.

How to apply

Before applying for any WRoCAH Studentship, please first ensure that you have read the WRoCAH information about Collaborative Doctoral Awards (CDA) and entry requirements: WRoCAH training programme and requirements.

The selection of Collaborative Doctoral Award applicants is a two stage process, requiring you to apply for a study place (Stage 1) before applying to WRoCAH for funding (Stage 2). 

Please read the project proforma for full details on the project, application process and how to apply.

Please note: If you are successful in Stage 1 and are selected by the CDA project team to be put forward to WRoCAH, your application will be considered competitively within the main WRoCAH competition. Being put forward for consideration is not a guarantee of funding.

How to apply (email)


How to apply (phone)

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