Education research centres

Research centres

Our world-leading research is organised into four research centres, led by staff who are experts in their respective fields, whose projects and publications have influenced policy and practice on a national and global scale.

We investigate precarity, inequality and inclusivity in relation to children and young people’s lives and educational contexts (poverty, special educational needs and disability, health and well-being) bringing together expertise to inform and challenge policy and practice.

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Our research examines the overlapping themes of curriculum and pedagogy. A key research focus is the development and enactment of education policy around curriculum, pedagogy and assessment within formal education settings.

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We investigate innovation processes in education, in particular the way digital advancement is transforming education throughout the lifetime, across multiple contexts (formal education, informal learning, lifelong learning), and in various modes (online, blended).

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We examine the transformative potential of language education in current society and across diverse global and multilingual contexts (e.g. displacement, migration). Our research covers areas including academic literacies, teaching methodology, motivation, and language learning with new technologies.

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