Global development

The School brings together a group of development specialists researching key global challenges.

Woman working at a loom, image courtesy of the Karen Hilltribes Trust

School of Politics and International Studies - Centre for Global Development

Researching global inequalities

The global development group adopts an interdisciplinary approach to tackling the production and perpetuation of inequalities and analysing the dynamics of economic, political and socio-cultural transformation in the Global South.

We engage with debates and controversies around land, gender norms and practices, crime, democratisation, education, food sovereignty, health, human rights, poverty, markets and labour. We work with a wide range of actors who are involved in processes of global transformation — such as national executives and legislatures, non-governmental organisations, multilaterals including the UN — to shape debate, to involve marginalised communities, and to influence policy and practice.

Research centres

Our global development academics make a significant contribution to the work of numerous interdisciplinary research centres, notably the Centre for Global Development and Leeds University Centre for African Studies. 

The school brings together academics from across political, international relations, and development disciplines. Our expertise covers all the main regions of the world.

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