Daniel Fobi

Daniel Fobi


I am a postgraduate researcher in the School of Education researching the role of interpreting in the inclusion of deaf students in tertiary education in Ghana. Before my studies, I was a teacher of the deaf and a sign language interpreter at the various levels of education in Ghana. I have a bachelors degree in Special Education (hearing impaired) and Mathematics and a masters degree in Special Education.

In the School of Education, I work as a project officer for a British Academy Global Challenges Research Funded project that seeks to examine early education for young deaf children and their caregivers in Ghana. I have served as a students' rep on various committees at the school and faculty levels. I have also worked as a teaching assistant.

Research interests

I have interest in developing an understanding of deaf children's language and how that influences their learning. Part of my works also focuses on the role of interpreting in facilitating inclusion for deaf students.

I am also involved in investigating suicidal and bullying behaviours among deaf adolescents in Ghana and I am also interested in researching the mental health and wellbeing of deaf children and adolescents.

Selected publications

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  • MPhil Special Education
  • BEd Special Education (hearing impaired) and Mathematics