Ali Salim Al-Shukaili


Research on teachers’ beliefs and education authorities’ beliefs about the assessment system helps to attainment comprehensive idea about the assessment system in Oman and the factors that effect on it. Furthermore, this research could provide the Omani Ministry of Education with information regarding to the state of implementation and the availability of the requirements of the assessment system which represents a main part of educational reform, also It may contribute to enabling those who monitoring the implementation of the assessment system to identify the mistakes of implementing, then to make more efforts with teachers to go back to correct path.


I came from Sultanate of Oman which is one of the Middle-East countries. After I graduated from Sultan Qaboos University with BA of science education in 1999, I started my career as a science teacher in Omani public school. In 2005 I joined an MA in education program in Sultan Qaboos University and I graduated in 2007.

Regarding to career development I became an exams officer in the Ministry of Education in 2001, then a head of examinations analyzing section for three years. In 2004 I worked as a head of examination administration section. Then, in 2007 I was prompted to be as a deputy of assessment and examinations department, then as a director for this department in 2008 for five years. Prior to my start of my PhD In 2014, I was promoted as a deputy to the general director of education in Muscat governorate.

What motivated me to undertake PhD study?

I have a high motivation to do PhD because it lies in my own reflections on experiences working with both science teachers and assessment staff in developing assessment system. Moreover, I intended to participate in improving the assessment system in Oman through research. I also enjoy working on my PhD as it will help me to sum up my experience in assessment in Oman and I reshape my thinking about the assessment in general. In like manner, my PhD research could help me to obtain answers to my unanswered questions that I got as I was working in assessment department. Moreover, this study seeks to provide a specific feedback to the Ministry of Education about assessment system.

What makes me passionate about my subject?

Based on my experience in the assessment department in the Ministry of Education, governmental literature, field work and studies I understand that there is a particular phenomenon which shows a gap between the policies of the Ministry of Education about the assessment system and teachers’ practices. In this context I aim to explore the extent to which the assessment system in science in Omani schools is able to fulfil its purposes well and to identify opportunities for improvement of assessment system. 

What are my plans once I have completed my PhD?

I plan to work in the general directorate of assessment and I intend to utilize my knowledge in researching in assessment issues. Moreover, I plan to develop more techniques of providing training and workshops to teachers to better understand what constitutes a good implementation for assessment system.