Mukrim Thamrin



I graduated from Tadulako University, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia with Bachelor of Education in English language education in 2000. In 2006, I started my career as the lecturer in this university, at the faculty of teacher training. Following this, three years later, in 2009 I pursued my master degree in Education at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Having gained my M.Ed degree, I went back to service as the lecturer in my university for two years prior to furthering PhD study in Leeds in October 2014.

What motivated me to undertake PhD study?

There are two main reasons motivating me to undertake my PhD study. First, I would like to develop my knowledge and skill in research, enhance my expertise in the field of language teacher education, particularly “teacher research”, and establish network in international level with those are in the same research interest with me. Lastly, my job and my future career as the lecturer and university lecturer require me to immensely pursue PhD.

What makes me passionate about my subject?

I have researched teacher doing classroom action when doing my M.Ed thesis. I found this topic interesting to be investigated as the Indonesian policy has required teachers to engage with classroom research as means of professional development for years. However, there are documented studies reveal teachers found considerable challenges engaging in classroom research.  It is expected my study will contribute to the policy maker to design the sustained and supportive professional development through action research in school. Additionally, my study is expected to minimize English teachers’ challenges dealing with classroom action research in school by providing support through collaborative action research mode of professional development. 

What are my plans once I have completed my PhD?

After completing my PhD study, I will continue to support and work with English teacher forum in my city in various professional development programmes as well as to keep researching “teacher research” as a tool for professional development, and other areas of teacher learning.  

Research interests

Submission Date: September 2017

My evaluative case study look at the experiences of a group of junior high school teachers in the provincial Indonesia who engage in collaborative action research (CAR) project collaboratively with me as the researcher and their perception of such professional development (PD) programme. The focus of the study is on exploring:

  • their experiences of participating in CAR as a means of PD in their own school,
  • their perceptions of the potential benefits and challenges of engaging with CAR,
  • their views on the support gained during engaging with CAR from the internal party (colleagues and school administrators or managers) and external party (the researcher), and
  • their suggestions for how Indonesian teacher might engage with research in schools and ways of sustaining classroom action research practice in schools.