Van Nguyen

Van Nguyen



I got a BA in International Business in Vietnam in 2000 and followed by a Master degree in International Marketing Management at the University of Leeds in 2005. After finishing my Master programme in Leeds, I returned to Vietnam and worked for National Economics University as a lecturer and academic coordinator as well as management team member for the International Collaborative Programmes which cooperated between our university and UK partner universities.

What motivated me to undertake PhD study?

Different people value different things in life. For me, I have a strong passion in Education. I wish to continue my study journey at a higher level and do more research on International Education and Management. With an aim to develop my ability, my personal and professional skills, I believe that the PhD programme will provide me approaches and methods to achieve these goals.

What makes me passionate about my subject?

Since I have worked in the transnational education programmes for several years, involving in different positions, I personally realise the importance of understanding and managing the quality of the international programme which brings benefits for not only students but also for all stakeholders involved. In the fierce competition of the local and international integration educational market, quality is considered as a benchmark and a competitive advantage of educational institutions.

Effectiveness in delivery the international collaborative programme and efficiency in managing its quality is crucial strategy to any institution involved in international education. I feel passionate about my research because I believe that the findings from the research will not only provide empirical evidence on quality for Vietnamese and UK transnational higher education institutions in managing and assessing quality in transnational higher education programme but also provide implications for education policy in transnational higher education.

What are my plans once I have completed my PhD?

I would love to continue working and involving in more research in Transnational Higher Education. My wish is also do more work to strengthen the relationship between UK and Vietnam in international higher education sector.

Research interests

Submission Date: December 2017

My PhD research will be undertaken with a purpose to provide an empirical exploration on quality in transnational higher education programme in Vietnam through stakeholder perspectives, under the context of a case study research from the key stakeholders of a Vietnamese University and the management staff of the partner UK University.

Specifically, the study aims at identifying the understanding and expectations of quality from different key stakeholders – both programme providers and receivers - in the undergraduate collaborative transnational partnership programme in Business between a Vietnamese university and UK partner and finding out to what extent the quality expectations from different key stakeholder groups have been satisfied in the partnership programme. From the exploration of quality and the comparison of stakeholders’ expectations and perceptions on quality, the study aims at providing some implications for provisional policy and practice for managing quality in transnational higher education.