Ambika Kapoor

Ambika Kapoor


I did my Bachelors and Masters in Human Development and Childhood Studies, from the University of Delhi, India. I later worked for a few years at Centre for Equity Studies (New Delhi), as a researcher with the learning and resource centre for street children and later conducting research on the implementation of a government scheme (Integrated Child Development Scheme) for children across six states in India. I was also associated with a few other organisations working on issues related to children in India.

Research interests

Submission Date: September 2019

My research focuses on looking at resilience among children in the tribal areas of Chhattisgarh (India). Resilience to their everyday lived reality of poverty, migration, land alienation and urbanisation. The study aims to look at children in their context, exploring their idea of adversity, how they negotiate with it in their daily lives, it will also make an attempt to look at the family and community as factors that help promote resilience. It aims to be an ethnographic enquiry into children's lives. I will base it in the realm of the new sociology of childhood, looking at childhood adversity from their lens, recognizing them as important social actors in their own lives.

There is a need to understand resilience, as there is growing distress due to globalisation, conflict and war, impacting children. It becomes relevant in the light that most researchers in India around children have not explored resilience and there is an urgent need to understand it in relation to children living in contexts of poverty and marginalisation. Globally, resilience is also a theoretically contested concept; therefore, there is scope to add to the existing body of literature.