Zuraidah Ismail

Zuraidah Ismail



Previously, I worked as a lecturer in the English Studies Department, Institute of Teacher Education (Ilmu Khas Campus), Ministry of Education, Malaysia for three years after being an assistant director in the Textbook Division, MOE and a secondary school teacher for more than ten years.

I graduated from a twinning programme between Chichester Institute of Higher Education, United Kingdom – Maktab Perguruan Ilmu Khas, Malaysia, with honours B.Ed. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) in 1997. In 2010, I completed my Masters of Education in Education Planning and Management at UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning, Paris, France. I completed my memoir (thesis) on “Early Childhood Care and Education in Malaysia: An Analysis of Provision of Preschool Education” as a requirement for her M.Ed. Programme.

In the Institute of Teacher Education, I held the position of Programme Co-ordinator for Non-TESL Programme (Cohort 9), Course Leader for Curriculum Studies (B.Ed. TEFL Link Programme with Queensland University of Technology) and Course Leader for Academic English (Foundation Programme). I was also a facilitator of Review and Revise Curriculum for Malaysia Australia Education Project for Afghanistan (MAEPA). 

What motivated me to undertake PhD study?

Since I have been in the education field for quite a while, there are a lot of issues that interest me. In particular, issues that seek investigation such as curriculum changes and its effects on various stakeholders. This scenario has motivated me to undertake PhD. Apart from that, PhD is also a pre-requisite to teach in the university and being a university lecturer is my next step after having completed this doctoral degree successfully.

What makes me passionate about my subject?

I have a very keen interest in issues related to education as I have been in the teaching profession for almost 15 years. My educational background in Educational Planning and Management and teaching experience in Curriculum Studies as well as Review and Revise Curriculum, has prompted me to further develop my knowledge and skills in the area of interest for my doctoral degree, which is Curriculum Evaluation.

What are my plans once I have completed my PhD?

I plan to work as a university lecturer in my home country, Malaysia and I’ll continue to conduct educational researches using the knowledge and skills I’ve gathered from University of Leeds.

Research interests

Submission Date: October 2017

The purpose of the study is to investigate the transition of theories about content knowledge (what ESL/EFL teachers teach) and pedagogical knowledge (how the teachers teach) of the beginning teachers.

I intend to explore the transition in two stages:

  1. upon completion of their bachelor of education training programme,
  2. during the first year of teaching.

The main purposes of my project are to investigate:

  • The degree to which content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge of the required curriculum structure, content and pedagogy of Bachelor Education (TESL) programme in the Institute of Teacher Education are relevant and adequate.
  • How the theories of content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge  obtained from trainings are transformed and applied in the classroom
  • The stages of the evolvement of content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge
  • The challenges in practising content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge  in terms of the curriculum amount, planning and implementation.