Sinead D'Silva

Sinead D'Silva


My background is in Sociology (BA) and Social and Cultural Geography (MA). I have worked on research projects broadly relating to access to information/knowledge and resources. Recent work has related to Curriculum development, Widening Participation, Black and Minority Ethnicity (BME) educational attainment (gaps), and employability in Higher Education. Previous work related to Community Engagement and Mobilisation with research on traditional markets, youth and environmental change, and child rights.

On a lighter note, I hold a diploma in Digital Animation, and another in Forensic Science.

Once I've completed my PhD I hope to continue working as a social researcher, whether in academia or the social sector – preferably both.

Research interests

This research seeks to understand the ways in which undergraduate students in Physics negotiate their time at university to influence their graduate prospects, and potentially to observe the role of social and cultural aspects therein. It focuses on the agency of the individual in narrative form, and attempts to understand the structures (such as policy relating to the employability agenda) and practice associated with it, as well as the processes of interaction. The research uses a case study approach to delve deeper into practice and experience of the employability agenda as well as how students reflect on learning as well as their processes of preparation for the world of work, or any other chosen path following graduation.

A bigger quest to be a social researcher. I felt that it was necessary to develop my capacity in order to ‘do’ critical work, making a PhD helpful if not important.

I am primarily interested in the impact of neoliberalism on access (or lack of) to resources and knowledge, how this transforms societies and institutions, and how it is negotiated. The employability agenda in Higher Education is one such site of change. I am also interested in social stratification and cultures of consumption.


  • MA Social and Cultural Geography
  • BA Sociology
  • Diploma in Forensic Science

Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for Curriculum, Pedagogy and Policy