Sulaiman Al Jamoudi

Sulaiman Al Jamoudi



I was born in Nizwa, Sultanate of Oman, I studied elementary and preparatory levels in Nizwa, and completed my high school in North Batinah. I joined the Sultan Qaboos University and graduated in 1996, I had received a bachelor degree in education. I joined working at the Ministry of Education, as a teacher first and taught all levels from (1-12), then I was appointed as a senior teacher, then as an assistant principle of school and then as a principle of a High School.

In the year 2002, I had the opportunity to complete my MA at the Sultan Qaboos University. My MA was in the field of the Educational Administration which I had achieved with honor. After that I was transferred to work at the Ministry of Education. I worked in different jobs and different directorates. I was promoted gradually from school performance supervisor, to deputy director of the department of special education, then deputy director of the department of special needs, then director of the department of educational supervision, then director of the department of training, then a deputy director general of the general directorate of human resources. Currently I work as an educational expert in the general directorate of  human resources and I am currently discharged for PhD study.

What motivated me to undertake PhD study?

PhD study will push me to achieve the following objectives:

1) Develop and improve different skills and expand my experiences.

2) Acquire necessary expertise in the field of human resources development which I can use later in developing work in the directorate of human resources in the ministry of education.

3) Develop skills in English which will allow me to access the latest information.

4) Take advantage and focus on reading and catch up with the latest researches in the area of developing human resources.

What makes me passionate about my subject?

The study and research in this area contributes to the knowledge of a lot of issues related to my job in the field of human resources development. In addition, this area of study (professional development) is an important area in any institution.

What are my plans once I have completed my PhD?

When I complete the PhD, I will continue to work at the Ministry of Education as well as I will look for an opportunity to teach at a university or college in my country.

Research interests

Submission date not yet agreed.

The aims of this study are to understand policy makers' plans for development of local training centers in MOE in Oman, it also aims to Investigate the novice science teacher’s perceptions about the roles of this centers in governorates to develop their skills and to explore the alignment between novice teacher’s perspectives and the intended policy about the role of governorate’s educational training centers. As well as, analyze the real roles of these centers to suggest a reformed framework of roles to develop novice science teacher skills with consideration to theory, policy and practice.

Research Questions, the study will aim to answer the following key research questions:

1)What is the vision of the Ministry of Education regarding the development of training centers in governorates?

2)         What are novice science teachers' perceptions on the roles of training centers in governorates to develop their skills?

3)         Are there any variation between novice science teachers expectations' and policy makers' about what provides in educational training centers in governorates?

4)         How can policy and practice of the locally training of science teachers in Oman be further reformed in accordance with the implications of this study?